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How To Repair Drywall After Water Damage?

How To Repair Drywall After Water Damage?

Water’s soothing effects on the human body are well known, but its impact on our buildings’ drywall is not palatable. Water damage drywall can cause mold growth and health issues if not repaired. But how can homeowners repair drywall after water damage? Learn more about this in this blog. 

How to spot water damage on drywall

Three signs can identify water damage to drywall. If you aren’t aware of a water leak, being aware of these indications can assist.

  • Wall Discoloration
  • Presence of mold.
  • Holes in the wall

Steps to fix water-damaged drywall 

You may take three steps to fix water damage to your drywall. These steps will help you get your drywall back in shape. 

Step One: Locate the source of the water leak

It is essential to identify the water source before repairing the drywall. If not, the problem will persist and worsen. The overflowing water might result from a leaking roof or a burst pipe in the walls or flooring. However, it might be difficult to pinpoint the origin of a leak since water can spread far from its origin.

Step Two: Take down the water-damaged drywall

The next step is to remove the drywall. Take out the drywall with your hands, or use a hammer claw. The water-damaged wall section may be removed by cutting around it using a keyhole saw, which will not affect the surrounding wall section. Also, tarps should be placed on the floor before removal. This will help collect any dust, debris, or drywall that may fall. You won’t just save time cleaning up; you’ll also save money alongside wear and tear on your flooring by using these mats.

Step Three: Make the Necessary Repairs

Cut out the damaged drywall and replace it with a new panel to fix the holes in the wall. However, make the new drywall 2 inches longer and broader than the old one. Get out your pencil and measure out 1 inch from all sides to create the shape of the hole. Use a utility knife to slash through the new drywall’s rear side.

If the damage is significant, you may need to make holes in the new board using a drill. The greater the area affected by water, the more you will need the help of a professional water damage restoration service.

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