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How Water Damage Negatively Impacts Your Home?

How Water Damage Negatively Impacts Your Home?

Water damage is a common issue homeowners face each day. The kitchen and bathroom are typical sources of this problem, but you can also find it occurring near the washing machine, swamp cooler, or outdoor faucets. Over 1.4 million claims related to water damage get filed by homeowners in the United States each year.

Most forms of water damage are entirely preventable. If you have peeling paint or a leaking roof, your home likely has water damage. If it is left unaddressed, the financial burden for repairing that issue may grow with each passing day.

Mold and Mildew Growth from Water Damage

Mold and mildew begin growing in as little as 24 hours after things in your home become damp. The results might not be noticeable for a week or two after the incident. Once you see things turning green, it can be challenging to remove the unwanted growth. You can find mold and mildew growing on numerous soft surfaces, including furniture, carpets, and wallpaper. It also grows on drywall and ceiling tiles.

The adverse effects of mold and mildew include odor issues, breathing difficulties, and permanent staining.

Structural Issues Form When Water Damage is Present

Water damage can impact your home’s structural integrity. The issues in this category can range from inefficient landscaping to damaged gutters that cause precipitation overflows. Heavy rainfall events cause water to pool at the base of a home. With enough moisture exposure, the foundation can become unstable. Basement walls might begin to flex inward, causing the house to become unsafe to use. Try to clean gutters at least once per quarter, stick to a regular watering schedule, and consider updating how your property funnels moisture away from the structure.

Broken Pipes Damage Walls and Floors

A plumbing system problem is usually easy to spot. The source of a leak is generally an appliance, faucet, or pipe. When water interacts with the home environment, you’ll see stains form on the wall, ceiling, or floor. Water stains occur because of the minerals found in the liquid that gets left behind. They often leave a musty smell.

Hidden leaks behind a refrigerator or dishwasher can cause extensive damage without homeowners realizing an issue exists. It helps to inspect behind these appliances periodically to ensure problems aren’t forming. Staining decreases the value of your home. If the leak isn’t repaired, you’ll need to keep replacing your walls and floors.

Flooding Issues Create Multiple Problems

Standing water puddles at home can interfere with gas and electrical lines. The risk of an electric shock or an explosion rise when these services aren’t turned off after an issue occurs. When this damage occurs, your house often needs to be rewired and new lines installed. Your appliances might need to be replaced, even if only a few inches of water are on the floor.

Water creates a severe impact on your home and property. It helps to perform routine inspections and address repairs quickly to ensure everything stays in good condition. For any further questions about water damage repair, you can also dial 206-458-5237 or contact us right here.

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